Blessed Khilafat has come home

Blessed Khilafat has come home
اَھْلًا وَ سَھْلًا وَ مَرْحَبَا

Packing decades into boxes,
Old possessions rediscovered,
Gaining a new perspective on
All the history being uncovered.

As your life is packed up around you,
Neatly folded and organised,
The significance of this move
Is finally being realised.

Our beloved, your predecessor, initiated a dynasty,
Through a migration etched in history,
With this next step we will witness
The continuation of this blessed story.

A bizarre mix of emotions fill our hearts,
The grand city has been your home for years,
Although your absence there will be felt,
The happiness of our Khalifa alleviates our fears.

O’ Huzur, if I may be bold enough to presume,
That upon the following thoughts you dwell,
Please remember these are merely my perceptions,
If I have perceived in error, please tell.

I imagine you may feel some agitation,
At the thought of leaving your residence,
But due to your steadfast nature,
You find comfort in His Eminence.

I hope you look forward to the changes in your life,
The dramatic differences from life in the city,
Through change in scenery, crowds, and routines,
You remain steadfast due to your simplicity.

There is inspiration for you here,
You can find it in the lush scenery,
The lakes and sprawling fields,
It’s easy to become lost in the greenery.

Some time ago we would hear the glad tidings,
“On Eid day, beloved Huzur will visit”,
In a heartbeat we would scramble to line the street,
Aching for a glimpse, pushing the boundary limit.

Now that you are here with us Huzur,
Your proximity means our Eid is ongoing,
Tiredness may overcome our bodies,
But the love that blooms in our souls is growing.

On that balmy spring evening,
Eager eyes glance the motorcade,
“Ahlan Wa Sahlan Wa Marhaba”,
A powerful chant trickles through the crowd in a cascade.

As you step out to enter your new residence,
The prayers and greetings escalate to a more fervent tone,
But hand in hand with our excitement is underlying relief,
Because at last our beloved Khalifa has come home.

By a humble daughter of Huzur: Aisha Satwat Ahmad

Blessed Khilafat has come home
Blessed Khilafat has come home

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